Letterpress Hunt, Portobello Road.

Since my love for letterpress began a couple of years ago, I am always on the hunt for original metal and wood type. After much searching I found a cute market stall on Portobello Road run by a father and son duo. They're there every week and I now make an annual visit on the train to grab myself some new treasure for my collection. 

As always when I visit this little stall, I am overwhelmed by the amount of type and resemble a bunny in the headlights! I spend so long searching, wishing I could have it all but this time I went with a clear head knowing exactly what I wanted. A simple 'Merry Christmas' in metal type of varying sizes. I thought to myself 'I can do this', I can walk away with what I came for and not just a bag full of random type pieces. I did it, well nearly... a 48pt 'R' was catching my eye, I tried to ignore him but there was something about this piece of type. The 'R' is bright green on a wood block, it was all about the green. He just stood out from the rest, so I bought him!

After getting very cold fingers from searching through the type it was time for a hot chocolate and a hotdog. I finished the day with a walk around 'Winter Wonderland' in Hyde Park (magical) before the train journey back to Newark.

Photography by Ed Godden